Do You Have Old Fashioned Storage Heaters...


It’s amazing just how many homes still have ugly old Night Storage Heaters running on Economy 7 or similar tariffs.  This is one of the most expensive and inefficient methods of heating your home or offices.

The technology is over 30 years old and does not suit today’s requirements.

“Costing me a fortune yet I am cold in the evening”

“My feet are always cold”

These are two of the things we hear the most.


Yet this can be sorted quickly and relatively inexpensively.

Today’s remote controlled super efficient electric heaters cost LESS to run that storage heaters and give you instant and controllable heat the minute you need it.

They can even be controlled wirelessly using a hand held remote control device similar to your TV remote.

Imagine being able to turn on the heater in your bedroom five minutes before you go to bed....from your chair in your lounge.  Imagine turning on your lounge or kitchen heaters from your bed five minutes before you get up.

If you are sitting in your lounge and feel too hot or too cold...then simply turn up or down your heating with even having to get up.

Instant heat.....Exactly when you need it.

Just think how much money that will save you over the years.

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Thermapanel Radiators

Our Electric Towel Radiators are available in a variety of sizes from 500w to 900w to suit all Bathroom sizes. They are supplied with a built-in thermostat to temperature adj


ThermaPanel Seville Heater

The Thermapanel Sevilla electric radiator range has been developed to be attractive and can be used in the smallest easy to heat bedroom, to the large hard to heat living room. These highly efficient electric radiators are easy to use in individual areas such as extensions, loft conversions, conservatories, garden buildings, or as a whole house electric central heating system. Because of the wireless control system, they are exceptionally simple to install, and do not require any special wiring. Indeed they can be individually controlled on temperature, and centrally on a timed basis.


Our highly efficient Thermapanel Girona electric radiators look like a traditional gas heating radiator, they work in the same way, and all without the need of heating pipes. These unique thermostatically controlled radiators, which are manufactured specifically for us, provide the combined benefits offered by both wet systems and electric storage heater systems.