Its Never Just The Panels.............

Its never just about the panels and inverter.  Thats just part of the jigsaw.


Its also about the quality and care and design of the installation.


Its about good old fashioned values and about taking your time to ensure a first class job of work.

Internal String Inverter

The quality and installation of your inverter is arguably as important as your panels.


Here is an example of the quality of our interior work.  Note how the inverter is preinstalled onto a fireproof MDF board and how neat and tidy the switches are mounted.


Check also how neat the cable are.


TIP:  When you are getting quotes try asking the salesman about how the inverter is installed.  See how they reply.


Internal Cable Work & Cable Management

Its never just about the panels.


Look at the quality of this cable work.  With a string inverter high voltage DC cable needs to be run through your attic from your panels to your inveter.  MMS never just cable clip to your trusses or leave them running along your joists.


We use polypropolene flex conduit to house the cables and then safely run them along your trusses where they can be  easily seem.  This way in later years if work is being done in your attic then the DC cable from your solar panels presents no danger.

Floor Protection

The last thing you want is work boots tramping over your carpets and floors.


The work will involve a bit of to and froing between your attic and your roof.


So we make sure that al your floors are well covers.  Dust sheets are laid across carpets and over hardwood, timber or laminate floors we lay Roll Scroll as protections.


So no scratches or marks.

Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector is the ultimate clear self adhesive carpet protection system.


With the adhesive coating on the outside Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector is easy to unwind.


Totally waterproof Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector protects against paint spillage, and is tough enough not to tear or rip.

REC Panels onto Slate Farmhouse Roof: Ayrshire

Date of Installation: July 2013

Location: Ayrshire

Size of System: 4.00 kpw

Panels: REC

Inverter: Solar Edge

Roof: Slate

Direction: South West




SolaX Power Black on Black Panels onto Concrete Tile Farmhouse Roof: East Kilbride

Date of Installation: May 2015

Location: East Kilbride

Size of System: 4.00 kpw

Panels: SolaX Power Black on Black

Inverter: Enphase

Roof: Slate Grey Concrete Tiles

Direction: South

Gallium Panels Onto Slate Roof: Dunfermline

Date of Installation: July 2014

Location: Dunfermline

Size: 4.00 kwp

Panels: Gallium

Inverter: Samill

Roof: Concrete Tiles

Direction: South East

LG 300 Watt Panels onto Concrete Tile Roof in Bathgate

Date of Installation: March 2015

Location: Bathgate

Size: 3.60 kwp

Panels: LG 300 Neon

Inverter: Samill

Roof: Marley Modern Concrete Tiles

Direction: South