YIELD: The most important factor for PV system operators

"A modules nominal power is interesting as is it efficiency.  


But the single most important factor for pv system owners is yield.


i.e. How many kilowatt hours per kilowatts of installed power flow from the panels to the inverter"


Exerpt from an article published by PHOTON Laboratory in 2012. 


The REC Group

REC Peak Energy Black Series on a slate roof in Glenrothes

In the latest MCS databse of approved panels there are over 187 types and makes.


So how does a consumer make an informed choice.


Lest face it if you get ten companies in to quote we will all have "the best panels".


So how can you tell.


Well one way is to rely on the company the industry look to.  


PHOTON Laboratory.


Over 200,000 solar planners and decision makers rely on PHOTON Laboratory monthly and annual results.


So where do REC appear in their list.


As Annual Award Winners of the Highest Yielding Panel of 110 tested.



REC Panels on a new house with concrete tiles in Dalkeith



1. They are Norwegian and have the design and build ethic and quality control systems we have come to associate with Scandanavia.  

2. They are the worlds largest vertically integrated company.  The manufacture every single part of the panel.  For example they own the quarries that mine the sand for the silicon.  Silicon is the lifeblood of the pv industry and they control their own supply.

3. They are designed for the light conditions most common in Northern Europe.  The most common light in Scotland is diffused light. i.e light that comes through the clouds.


4. They are an old player in a young industry.  The have been around for over 15 years.  A long time in this industry where the majority of manufacturers have sprung up relatively recently.


5. They make a huge amount of information available for the consumer.  Just go to the download sections of their website.  Very few companies have this amount of data.

6. While nothing is guaranteed because of their size they are more likely to be around to honour their 25 Year Performance Warranty.

7. They offer an industry leading warranty on ther panels.

8. Its easy for consumers to do their own research on REC.  There are many panels out there where not a lot is known about them.

9. Their Installer Training Programme is an industry leading programme.  Cerified REC Installer enjoy continuing ongoign supprt and training programmes that every few other companies offer.

10. For the consumer they have one of the best pv websites around.  There is a huge amount of stuff you can view and download.